Praise for Joyce Marcel’s Columns

When, after 18 years, my Thursday op-ed column was dropped from the Brattleboro Reformer, it unleashed an outpouring of praise for my writing that still startles, surprises and gratifies me. All writers long for readers, and I have been incredibly blessed. Here is a sampling of the over 50 letters that flowed into the mailbox of the editor of the Reformer:

Joyce’s insightful, poignant and edgy articles have been a favorite component of the Reformer in hour household for many years. I can’t imagine picking up Thursday’s paper and not having her words to ponder… word which sometimes challenge, often inspire and occasionally make me laugh out loud. C.T. South Newfane

It will be a great loss to the community. R.D. Guilford

As one of your many devoted readers, I’m so angry about this stupid turn of events… Joyce and I were usually on the same side of issues/observations but even when we aren’t, I count on her input to make me stretch my vision. In addition, her humor has just the right amount of bite and she lets enough emotion show to validate your voice. KP. Westminister West

In the Yankee tradition, I’m just wondering what it is about Joyce Marcel’s column that you think is broken and needs to be fixed… Here’s a smart and good writer with a following, who knows her territory and the political landscape, shares wisdom and stories about an aging mother, goes off on entertaining tangents about horse racing and who-knows-what, takes a stand on issues, has things to say about music AND sports, intelligently ruffles feathers and comes out of it with sense of humor intact… If the Reformer wants to change direction, I can’t imagine which way it can go that will be as much fun. G.N. Brattleboro

I can’t believe you’re dropping Joyce Marcel’s column. It’s the first think I look for when I open Thursday’s paper. E.D. Westminister West

Marcel’s voice is irreplaceable. Her honesty, courage, inspiration and compassion are rare in an age of media-hype and disinformation. We desperately need “in- your-face” Joyce. Reinstatement is demanded by this most loyal reader. G.K. Dummerston

The Reformer’s lineup of columns is the best thing it has going for it, and Joyce Marcel’s column one of the bet in the lineup… Elimination of her voice bodes ill for those of us who looked forward to her wit and wisdom every Thursday. D. L. L. Williamsville

She is a gifted writer with an engaging style who has written on many diverse topics. Her astute observations on life, whether about her mother or politics, with just the perfect mix of sarcasm and humor will be sorely missed. P.T. Westminister West.

The decision to lose columnist Joyce Marcel is decidedly short sighted. My subscription renewal came the day I learned of this. I ripped it up. Joyce represents your audience in many ways. Sharp minded, she reports accurately on business strategies, businesses and the people who create them. Passionate, she reports on local, national and international politics with knowledge and research to back up her opinions. Human, she reports on her family, her life, her successes as well as challenges… Her columns, written with intelligence and candor, speak directly to many, furthering our feeling of community even when we disagree with her. J.L. Wilmington

Say it isn’t so… are you serious about discontinuing Joyce Marcel’s Thursday column? In my opinion her weekly columns are very well written, thought-provoking and relevant pieces. She is one of the main reasons I continue subscribing to the Reformer… She is a breath of fresh air. B.R. Newfane







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